The amazing members and friends of Hope United Church of Christ for the score!
Our Confirmation Class of 2022 challenged the members and friends of Hope UCC to donate the following items on this 56th Super Bowl Sunday:
  • 56 pairs of socks
  • 56 under garments
  • 56 cans of soup
  • 56 boxes of cereal
  • blue jeans to be cut and made into blankets
As of this afternoon, there were:
  • 217 pairs of socks
  • 202 under garments
  • 102 cans of soup
  • 94 boxes of cereal
  • 25 pairs of blue jeans
Amazing! Simply amazing!
Thank you to Rihanna, Natalie and Chloe for offering up this challenge to us. Thank you to everyone who donated items.
Hope UCC is making a difference in our community!