One of the followers of Jesus, known as Paul, wrote letters to the early churches to encourage them to follow the ways of Jesus and to be passionate about caring for one another and others in their communities. As part of their Confirmation assignment recently, our three Confirmation students – Rihanna Baldwin, Natalie Lane and Chloe Strunk, read their letters to the congregation in order to encourage them to do be involved in:
– caring for those who have a need for socks and under garments
– proving cereal and soup for those who are hungry
– remembering what is good and wonderful about our own faith community, Hope United Church of Christ
These young ladies challenged the congregation to donate 56 pairs of socks, 56 pairs of under garments, 56 cans of soup, 56 boxes of cereal, and to write 56 reasons to celebrate the goodness at Hope UCC. (The number 56 was chosen because this Sunday, when all of these items are to be brought to the church will be the 56th Super Bowl.)
Well … as of today, here is what has been generously given thus far:
Under garments – 74 items
Cereal – 43 boxes
Socks – 155 pairs
Soup – 40 cans
Way to go, Hope United Church of Christ!
There is still plenty of time to shop for more items as you pick up your groceries and snacks for this weekend’s game. Let’s score big and help make a difference in our communities.