Welcoming Rev. Fred Darboone, Transitional Specialist

Beginning March 1 the Rev. Fred Darbonne (who lives in the Des Moines area) will be Hope UCC’s Transition Specialist and will be with us through August.  During this time, he will lead us through a strategic ministry plan guided by three questions: (1) Who are we? (Our history and current situation); (2) Who is our neighbor? (Our unique mission opportunities); and (3) What is God calling us to do?  In doing so, we will be able to develop a strategic plan for eventually moving forward with a permanent pastor.

In addition to Fred’s Transition Specialist function, he will be providing the following pastoral services:

  •      1) Leading Sunday worship services and officiating the sacraments of communion and baptism
  •      2) Working with the Council and committees

Fred will be at Hope UCC from Sunday mornings through office hours on Tuesdays.  Due to the fact he will be with us part-time during the weeks, services such as officiating at weddings, funerals and traditional pastoral calling on those who are sick or homebound will be limited.  We do have retired clergy within our congregation who may be available to assist. The Council will be discussing it further to determine how we proceed with visits, keeping in mind that as congregation members, we are all called to minister to one another.

More information will be forthcoming as we begin working with Fred during this transition time.  In the meantime, please feel free to contact me at 319-350-3902 or jja3902@gmail.com, Andrew Buck at 319-329-9149 or andrewkennethbuck@gmail.com or any of the Council members.