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United Church of Christ General Synod ~ June 30 – July 4

by Pastor Mary Beth Hartenstein

At the end of June, thousands from across the country (and abroad) will gather for General Synod 2017 at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland.  Pastor Mary Beth is serving as a delegate for the Iowa Conference for this event.  Our former seminary student, Raven Rowe, is serving as a theological reflector during Synod. […]

Cedar Rapids Pride Event ~ Saturday, July 8

by Pastor Mary Beth Hartenstein

Pride Invitation ~ Saturday, July 8 Just over a year ago, Hope United Church of Christ (UCC) made a commitment to strive to become a more welcoming community to our neighbors and in particular to the LGBTQ community.  And it was great for those who helped work our booth at Cedar Rapids Pride to share […]

Fellowship Hour – Sunday, June 25

by Pastor Mary Beth Hartenstein

Pre-Pride Coffee Hour ~ Sunday, June 25 Did you know that the month of June was designated LGBTQ Pride month?  And that the first Pride event ever held was the Stonewall Riots in 1969?  Or did you know that the United Church of Christ was the first Christian tradition to ordain an openly gay man… […]

Mix-It-Up Sunday ~ June 25

by Pastor Mary Beth Hartenstein

Mix It Up Sunday ~ June 25 You have heard it said or perhaps have even said it yourself, “We have always done it that way!”  Well…that is not going to be the case this Sunday. We are going to Mix It Up here at Hope United Church of Christ! We will gather in the […]

Way to Go Hope UCC!

Congratulations to all who supported our Feed the Need campaign, for the Linn Community Food Bank, during the month of May!  After the boxes of cereal and macaroni and cheese, the cans of fruits and vegetables, and the jars of peanut butter were totaled up, we had collected 355 pounds of food in four weeks!  […]

Celebrating Pentecost

Tomorrow, Sunday, June 4, Hope United Church of Christ will celebrate Pentecost. This special day in the church calendar occurs 50 days after Easter and recalls the event that remembers the coming of the Holy Spirit in a new and powerful way to the early followers of Jesus – empowering them to go and share […]