Stump the Pastor Is Huge Success

On Sunday, February 9, the Confirmation Class of 2020 hosted the Confirmation Class from First Congregational United Church of Christ, Cedar Rapids. Students came ready to ask challenging and thought-provoking questions of five clergy persons. Serving on the clergy panel were: Casey Guet, Member in Discernment; Greg Griffin, retired pastor; Rebecca Hinds, Developmental Minister, Peoples Church Unitarian Universalist, Cedar Rapids; Melanie Van Weelden, Senior Pastor, First Congregational United Church of Christ, Cedar Rapids, and Kate West, Pastor, First Congregational United Church of Christ, Belle Plaine.

Each student came with 5 – 7 questions dealing with faith, life, death, heaven, and other topics. Here are just a few of their questions:

  • Who are Mary’s parents?
  • Why are angels called angels?
  • Who or what created God?
  • How many siblings did Jesus have?
  • Did Mary have a choice to have Jesus when she was told she was going to have him?
  • When Jesus was in middle school did he use his powers for his own good, such as making food better or making his grades better?
  • What happens after you get to heaven?
  • Do you think that Jesus performed all of the miracles he is said to have done?
  • Where are the 10 Commandments mentioned in the Bible?
  • Who was the first person to go to heaven?

The discussion was lively as panelists and students enjoyed this evening of conversation and dialogue. A time of fellowship followed the discussion.