Tri-Conference Ministries: Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota Conferences Celebrate Together

More than 200 delegates, vendors, guests and children were a part of the first Tri-Conference Ministry Gathering held at Countryside Community Church, Omaha, NE, on June 14 – 16. Each of the conferences that make up the Tri-Conference Ministries: Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota, participated together in worship, workshops, and plenary sessions while each of the conferences held individual annual meetings.

The unveiling of the Tri-Conference Ministries Why Statement happened during this event. A joint effort of all three Board of Directors of each individual conference, this statement strives to express why we are the church. It reads, “To live into God’s extravagant welcome and advocate for justice. So that all know love, safety, belonging and dignity.” This Why Statement is to be a guiding principle in all that we do as we engage in mission and ministry.

On Sunday, June 16, our Associate Conference Ministers:, Darrell Goodwin, Samantha Houser, Jonna Jensen and Ellis Arnold were installed; they are pictured with Executive Conference Minister, Brigit Stevens.