Little Lending Library Is Up and Ready to Serve Our Neighborhood

What began with some pieces of wood, sand paper, nails, and some paint is now a wonderful addition to our neighborhood.   Our Little Lending Library is now up and ready to offer our neighbors a chance to bring and borrow books.  Located on the east side of our property, the Little Lending Library will offer persons a chance to share books with one another.

This project started last summer as part of our Faith in Action Sunday.  Glenn Hunt supplied the materials and much of the labor while other persons helped to sand and put together parts of the structure.  Glenn continued to work to bring the library together over the winter months.  Mary Nus then lent her creative skills to painting it.  On Monday, May 15, Fran Henderson and Mark Hartenstein worked to get it in the ground and put up for use.

Located near the corner of 9th Avenue and West Willman Street, this Little Lending Library is ready for use.