Hope UCC sponsors an international student as part of our global mission.  This year our student is Santhosh Y, a 15 year old boy from Southern India. Santhosh is at the Family Village Farm, a UCC mission to help orphans or children whose parents cannot support them.

Santhosh attends the King’s Matriculation School where he is in 10th grade.  He writes that he was inspired in his zoology class to become a doctor.  There is a very good medical school close to him in Vellore that he hopes to attend.  On the other hand he enjoys singing and could become a singer.  Who knows, he could be a singing doctor!

To learn more about Santhosh and how you can help sponsor our global mission, please check out the display board, located in our main entryway, where you can find Santhosh’s letters, information on India and the Family Village Farm.