I am so honored to be the pastor and teacher of this incredible community of faith. Last night was a beehive of activity as a three year-old, an sixteen year-old, and a fifty-eight year-old came together to enjoy food, friendship and fun. I heard stories about a young man who said to an adult, “I’ll make the picture if you write the words.” Team work. I witnessed teenagers at this event when they could probably have been anywhere else and yet here they were at church on a Wednesday night helping to make Valentine items. I got to see a four year-old carefully count out his beads in order to make the item he was working on.

Thank you to Mary Nus, for her passion for children and youth and encourage their creativity through the arts. Thank you to all who helped to make the night a huge success for all who attended. Thank you, Hope United Church of Christ, for making a commitment to provide such opportunities for those who are young and young at heart.