Executive Minister Named of Tri-Conference Ministry ~ The Reverend Brigit Stevens

The South Dakota, Nebraska and Iowa Conferences voted to call the Reverend Brigit Stevens as our Tri-Conference Minister.

“With joy and humility, I accept the trust placed in me by the South Dakota, Nebraska, and Iowa Conferences of the United Church of Christ to be the first Executive Conference Minister of our Tri-Conference Ministry!  This is going to be a grand adventure for all of us!

I am both excited and nervous about the journey ahead for us, but I am buoyed by the strength of faith shared by all of us in ministry together! It is in the spaces that connect each of us that I experience God most fully. What a gift it is to be a part of the United Church of Christ in Iowa these days, intentionally strengthening partnerships and finding creative ways to BOLDLY follow Jesus! Thank you for being a partner in ministry with me!” ~ Brigit Stevens