Tri-Conference Ministries Announce the Addition of New Staff Team Members

The Rev. Sarah Rentzel Jones and The Rev. Kendy Miller

Rev. Rentzel Jones started with us on April 6 and has joined our team as a Search and Call specialist with Associate Conference Mininster, Rev. Samantha Houser. Jones currently resides in Hawaii, but will be moving with her family to Nebraska. In speaking of Rev. Rentzel Jones, Executive Conference Minister, Rev. Brigit Stevens shares, “She is particularly skilled in the area of adaptive leadership, listening closely for opportunities to lean in and affect change in systems not just technical fixes. She has a passion for social justice in a way that honors the beauty of God’s varied diversity and invites others to join in the celebration of it. She is grounded and faithful and we believe will be a delight to work with!”


Rev. Miller currently resides in Urbandale, IA and serves as Pastor at First Congregational UCC in Iowa Falls, IA. She will be joining our staff at the end of June. When asked what she’s looking forward to, Rev. Miller said, “I am most looking forward to meeting the people who make the United Church of Christ’s voice heard in the communities of the Tri-Conference. Our voice – your voice – means something in this world of chaos and ever-present anxiety. I’m excited to see your church buildings and hear your stories and help guide and nurture congregations and pastors in whatever their next faithful steps of ministry and mission might be in the name of Christ.” “She is particularly skilled in the area of spiritual direction, theological reflection and grounding, and connectional and meaningful discernment work,” shares ECM Rev. Brigit Stevens. “She has a deep care for the beauty and worth of each individual and for the possibilities that exist when we connect with each other well. She loves the church and loves all that it is today and all that it can be in the future. We are excited to be adding her to our team!”