I want to extend added appreciation and many thanks to our dedicated teachers and our great volunteers. The time and talents of our teachers is something to be proud of and I am truly grateful they share these with our children and youth. I am very happy to work with them each week, and feel our HOPE Kids are truly blessed by their teachers, too.  We have a very wonderful and supportive group of teachers-without a doubt! These are our main active teachers for 2017-2018:  Regan Bloomquist, Vicki  Brendes, Jane Buck, Kayla Buck, Amy Evans, Denise Gruwell, Mary Nus,  Melena Urbanowski, and Allison Walker.

There are also many behind-the scene volunteers, whose work and dedication does not go unnoticed. You are appreciated! Please join with me and take a few minutes to thank our volunteers when you see them!


-Laura Ogreen, Christian Education Coordinator