Our Sunday School 2019 –  2020 Program Year

Thank you to our dedicated group of Sunday School teachers and volunteers who have provided their gifts of time, talent and passion to our children and youth:

Emily Barnes

Regan Bloomquist

Kayla Buck

Amy Evans

Zoey Evans

Cathy Evers

Denise Gruwell

Casey Guet

Carrie Lane

Mary Nus

Laura Ogreen

Sarah Serbon

Melena Urbanowski

Allison Walker

This program year average attended was as follows:

September – October 12. 4 students

November – December 11.0 students

January – March 9.8 students

Our highest attendance occurred on Sunday, September 8, having 17 students present; there were ten Sundays throughout the program year that attendance was above the average class attendance of 11.0 students. Our lowest attendance occurred several times when four students were in attendance. (These numbers are almost identical to those for our 2018 – 2019 program year.)

Mid-March we put COVID 19 protocols in place and did not have worship or Sunday School classes for the remaining time of our program year, which would have concluded this Sunday, May 24.

Highlights of this program year included:

  • Students each received the Bible Storybook, Jesus Calling, in September and used it throughout the year reading stories from the First Testament and New Testament.
  • Children and youth took a tour of the Hiawatha Fire Department in October as part of Fire Safety month.
  • They went shopping in November, using the funds collected through their offerings, to help support a family during the holiday season.
  • Many participated in our first All-Church Christmas Program.
  • 14 students participated in our annual Valentine Creation Event that raised more than $300 for Last Hope Animal Rescue.
  • Our older youth held the Super Bowl sub sale with the proceeds providing monies for future projects or mission trips.
  • Ellen Bloomquist, Director, and Deb Strunk, accompanist, helped form our Children and Youth Choir that shared their gifts of music several times throughout the months of December 2019 – February 2020.

Thank for supporting this vital and important ministry of Hope United Church of Christ!