The Stewardship Committee invites all of us at Hope United Church of Christ to be a part of our annual fall campaign that focuses our attention toward our financial goals in 2018.  But stewardship is not a seasonal duty or responsibility, it is a full-time privilege that we have as part of our Christian discipleship and as part of our accountability to one another as Hope UCC.

We take our financial health seriously here at Hope UCC. Ongoing good financial practices have kept our expenses reasonable and we have a staff team that works effectively.  We supported missional work for our local schools, for our local seniors and our local food pantry.  We are a Five-for-Five Church, supporting the five special offerings of the United Church of Christ. Thank you to everyone who has made these incredible achievements possible!

Now is the time not only to celebrate these incredible achievements but to push ourselves in our work to live into our Journey to Generosity: The Way of Jesus through our giving.  Looking at the life and teachings of Jesus, as described in the stories of the Bible, he showed generosity as he encountered his world and the people in it.  Therefore during our campaign we will be taking a look at how we can show generosity through these three great loves:

  • Love of creation
  • Love of neighbor
  • Love of children

Beginning this Sunday, we will be having three guest speakers: Casey Guet, The Reverend Ken Bickel and The Reverend Jonna Jensen, who will address each of one of these loves and how our call to stewardship brings about mission and ministry that makes a difference as we promise to practice these loves through the programs, goals and aspirations of our church.

Plan now to be a part of these special services. Plan now how you can be a part of our continued goals of financial health.  Plan now to answer the call to be a steward of the gifts you have been given.