Stewardship Campaign ~ Be the Church: Together in Joy

Our yearly Stewardship Campaign will soon begin at Hope UCC. This year’s theme is: “BE THE CHURCH: Together in Joy.” We find that theme to be particularly suitable this year since we’ve had to find new ways to BE THE CHURCH when we’ve not always been able to be together. However, we know that at Hope UCC being together DOES bring us JOY. Each week of the Stewardship Campaign, you’ll be hearing from us with some thought-provoking questions. You can read them here or on Facebook AND on Facebook, you can answer them! We look forward to reading your answers!

This week’s question:

We are fortunate to have a talented music program and quality instruments at Hope UCC. One of the parts of worship that many of us are missing right now is SINGING in church! What hymn or song that you’ve sung at Hope UCC always brightens your day?