Investment Opportunity for Members of Hope United Church of Christ

~ Cindi Ohrt, Treasurer

I know members of Hope are acquainted with Cornerstone Investments as we have borrowed money from them as well as investments.  Cornerstone is where our Legacy Funds are invested.  Our Legacy Fund CD matures in February.

As treasurer I checked local bank rates and Cornerstone offers the best rate.  I confirmed this morning that individuals can invest in Cornerstone Funds.  They have many investment options for term length.  For a 12-month period, a minimum investment of $500 up to $24,999 will earn 1.20% or Yield of 1.204%.  For investments from $25,000-$99,999 the rate is 1.325% for a Yield of 1.329%.  Rates are increased for longer term lengths and amounts.

If you are an individual, who is looking for a shorter term and liquid investment, Cornerstone Funds may be the right tool for you.

Please visit for more information.  There is a ‘Contact Us’ form you can complete or if you wish to call the number is 888-822-3863.  You will be connected with a person and they are very helpful.

You will not only be getting a greater return the local banks are able to offer, but you will be assisting our wider United Church of Christ community as these funds are then available to lend to churches.