An Update from Family Promise of Linn County

Family Promise of Linn County held a Zoom meeting for their coordinators on Monday, November 2, with our own coordinator, Cathy Evers in attendance. News and announcements included:

  • Family Promise’s office has moved to St. Stephens.
  • A new employee has been hired recently to work specifically in the areas of recruiting more churches so there are enough to cover the entire year of placement needs and on grant writing.
  • The 3 families in the program currently are doing well.  Both parents in the house by St. Stephens are employed now.  The other family that was staying at St. Stephens has had an appointment recently in Kansas City regarding their immigration.  They are about 1-2 months away from getting their work permits.  They will have their immigration court case with a lawyer in approximately 6-9 months.  The Vinton family has plenty of food, mom is very organized and knows about resources available to her.
  • Through the Prevention, Diversion and Stabilization program Family Promise has helped 10 families with rent/housing over the last two months.  There are over 350 families seeking rental assistance with COVID and the Derecho.
  • Churches will be asked to sign-up for dates in 2021, knowing that their role for the foreseeable future will be only to provide food when needed.