Mardi Gras Sunday – Sunday, February 27

We are celebrating Mardi Gras Sunday at Hope United Church on February 27!

Our worship service features performing artists: Luke Busch, Marty Busch, Tim Crumley, Craig Dove, Justin Martin, Rich Martin, and Eddie Piccard as they offer their gifts of music and song as we have fun with beads and make merry as the ancients once did before the Lenten season begins.

Our choir will also be featured, sharing special music, with us. The choir is under the direction of Andrew Buck and is accompanied by Deb Strunk.

We welcome The Rev. Ellis Arnold, Associate Conference Minister for the Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota Conferences. She will be participating throughout the worship service, including the Service of Release and Farewell.

Fellowship will follow worship.

Come and celebrate this festive day with us before the beginning of the Lenten Season on Ash Wednesday, March 2.