Blind Date with a Book – Adult Summer Reading Group

Have you read any good books recently?  Hope so.  As part of a summer reading group, we are going to share a book with someone else by wrapping it up as a gift!

Here is how it is going to work:

  1. Decide what book you would like to share, either your own copy or purchase a duplicate one.
  2. Wrap the book in a brown paper covering (see picture for example)
  3. On the outside of the covering list some interesting clues about the book, such as:
  • Children’s book or adult
  • Fiction or Non-Fiction
  • Mystery, Novel, Romance, or Science-fiction
  • Light-hearted or serious
  1. Bring your wrapped book to the church between May 15 and June 1 and place it in the designated container in the main entryway.
  2. Pick up a book between June 12 and June 26.
  3. Read and enjoy your Blind Date with a Book!
  4. In August, we will have an evening book club date to share our books and our experiences of our blind dates.

Contact Pastor Mary Beth at or 319-393-2400 if you have any questions.