Confirmation Class 2017 – 2018

Six students, two mentors, and six Silent Prayer Partners are involved in our 2017 – 2018 Confirmation program here at Hope UCC that began on Sunday, August 27.

September classes featured topics that included Bible Basics and Hebrew Stories, while classes in October will feature the topics of Jesus’ life and his use of miracles and parables.

Students include:

Melia Bohn

Tristan Bohn

Zoey Evans

McKenna Gersema

Anna Neumann

Evan Solberg


Mentors for this year’s program are Laura Ogreen and Melena Urbanowski, with Cathy Evers and Casey Guet serving as substitute mentors when needed.


Secret Prayer Partners are individuals, each assigned to an individual student, who is praying from that student while they are in the program.