Clergy Appreciation Sunday

October is designated Clergy Appreciation Month and today we honor those individuals who are ordained ministers, along with their spouses, for their years of ministry with God’s people.  Here at Hope United Church of Christ we are blessed to have so many individuals among us, including:

The Reverend Robert “Bob” Bromley, his wife, Ann                         60 years

The Reverend Mark Buck, his wife, Jane                                          42 years

The Reverend Wyatt Dagit, and his wife, Alexis                                 2 years

The Reverend Margaret Debner, and her husband, Wendell            16 years

The Reverend Mary Beth Hartenstein, and her husband, Mark        12 years

The Reverend Glenn Hunt, and his wife, Marlene                             46 years

The Reverend Fritz Mellberg, and his wife, Gretchen                       44 years

The Reverend Mike Slagenweit-Coffman, and his husband, Tobey   2 years

These numbers represent 224 total years of ordained ministry serving the people of God in various settings with a variety of roles and responsibilities.  Thank you all for your work and dedication.