2021 Christmas Fund offering

The Stewardship Committee thanks all who contributed to the 2021 Christmas Fund offering. Gifts to this offering totaled $1423, which is very close to last year’s gifts of $1440. Our Financial Secretary reports that gifts are still coming in so this total will change.

Gifts to the Christmas Fund help many retired pastors and church leaders, who served small churches and/or were paid low salaries when they served. It also helps some with medical insurance payments and expenses. We read stories and hear of their immense gratitude for help given. On their behalf, we thank you for your generosity.

The Christmas Fund is one of the 5 offerings collected each year by The United Church of Christ.  Hope United Church of Christ is proud to be “5 for 5” meaning that we give gifts to One Great Hour of Sharing in March, Strengthen the Church at Pentecost, Neighbors in Need in the fall, The Christmas Fund in December and Our Church’s Wider Mission throughout the year.  Again, the Stewardship Committee thanks you for your generous support.