The Christmas Fund for Veterans of the Cross

By Jane Buck

Many pastors in the United Church of Christ are paid very low salaries. Parsonages that they are required to live in account for a large part of their “salary.” When retirement or death comes, clergy and/or spouse are left with no place to live and a low pension based on their previous salaries. The Christmas Fund was begun to try to help those pastors by giving them a small monthly supplement or maybe a small monetary gift at Christmas. Some of the Christmas Fund is used when pastors with low income have health emergencies. I once knew a pastor’s spouse who had very limited income and received a small gift at Christmas. Her caretaker asked what she might like to purchase with that gift money. She said, “Could you buy me a blanket? I’m always so cold.” That was enough to encourage me to give to the Christmas Fund.

Last year, the generous donors at Hope gave over $1200 to the Christmas Fund. We will collect that offering again this year on Christmas Eve but you will find envelopes in the pews beginning on December 15. Your Stewardship Committee invites your gifts to The Christmas Fund/ Veterans of the Cross. Thank you.