Council Members, Church Officers and Staff Team Members

Thank you to those individuals who have served as members of leadership teams for Hope United Church of Christ in 2018. A special note of thanks is extended to Melena Urbanowski who has served as our Council Chairperson.

Those who will be serving on our leadership teams in 2019 include:

Council and Church Officers

Julie Anderson                        Worship and Music

Regan Bloomquist                  Secretary

Cathy Boeset                          Gathering Team

Andrew Buck                           Chairperson

Zayna Evans                           Youth Representative

Cathy Evers                            Financial Secretary

Dan Evers                               Building and Grounds

Denise Gruwell                       At-large Member

Carrie Lane                             Missions

Mary Nus                                 Christian Education

Cindi Ohrt                                Treasurer

Stephanie Rosendale             At-large Member

Deb Strunk                              Financial Secretary


Andrew Buck                           Choir Director

Regan Bloomquist                  Office

Tony Geinzer                          Custodian

Mary Beth Hartenstein            Pastor

Mindy Hatcher                         Organist

Laura Ogreen                          Christian Education Coordinator

Deb Strunk                              Accompanist