New Roof Added for the Church and Garage after Storm Damage in 2020

The weather for early December was just about perfect as the roofing crew from DeNeve Construction and Roofing began their work on Wednesday, December 2. Shingles began falling in the early morning that day and by the twilight as sun began to set, all the singles of the church roof had been removed and preparations for reshingling were in place. Thursday, December 3, saw a new roof added to the church building and the remove and reshingling of the garage building as well.

The work was done by a crew of nearly twenty workers from DeNeve Construction, who slogged bundles of shingles up ladders, operated their tools with efficiency and precision, and cleaned up after each day’s work.

Thank you to Andrew Buck for his leadership in securing this company to do this job and for his continued work with our insurance company to make sure that we were compensated justly for the damage that was done to our buildings.