Easter Egg Hunt Adventure 2020

We were creative this year as we hosted our annual Easter Egg Hunt! From Marion to Hiawatha, and all corners of the Cedar Rapids area, members of Hope United Church of Christ invited individuals and families to stop by for Easter treats that were placed in baskets on porches or garages, on lawns and sidewalks, even hung from a tree.

Thank you to the following for being host sites for this event:

Andrew and Kayla Buck and family

Mark and Jane Buck

Eric and Charlotte Butikofer and family, along with Cindi Ohrt

Adrian and Amy Evans and family

Dan and Cathy Evers

Glenn and Marlene Hunt

John and Mary Nus and family

Don and Stephanie Rosendale

Jesse and Melena Urbanowski and family

Tod and Allison Walker and family

 Thank you to all the individuals and families who participated in this year’s Easter Egg Hunt Adventure!